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of Weymouth, Massachusetts

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"Hi! My name is Sue Kay. I am seeking the office of Mayor. I would appreciate your support.

I believe that my experience uniquely qualifies me to be elected as your next Mayor. I am proud of my extensive municipal service as a local official, my work as a volunteer with the youth and seniors and as a professional municipal administrator."

In Weymouth, Kay has served the community for six years as an elected Councilor at Large. As a Councilor, Kay was elected by her peers as Vice-Chairman of the Budget/Management Committee, Chairman of the Senior Committee and the Ordinance Committee, which oversees the passage of local option laws applicable to the Town of Weymouth.

Sue’s experience did not commence with the adoption of a new charter, Kay throughout the late 1980s and all of the 1990s, had served the Town as Chairman of the Appropriation Committee, member of the Personnel Board and an elected member of the Board of Selectman.

In addition, she headed Weymouth's Y2K Task Force, working with all Town departments and outside agencies such as South Shore Hospital and major utilities to get Weymouth as prepared for January, 2000.

In the community, Kay has been involved with the youth for approximately 28 years. She began by coaching for Weymouth Youth Soccer, Inc. which led to her involvement on the board of directors, serving one term as president. " I stay in this wonderful program, to help keep in place, a sporting program that all kids can play, no matter what their qualifications are. No tryouts here, everyone plays. In addition, it gives me a chance to keep in touch with thousands of Weymouth families and their concerns ", said Kay recently.

Kay is currently employed in the position of Executive Secretary for the Town of Braintree. There Sue is responsible for the day to day administration for the Town of Braintree. In her tenure, she has been involved with state officials who oversee local projects, all departmental interactions, personnel matters including grievances, water and sewer issues, and presenting matters to the Board of Selectmen for their consideration, along with a wide variety of financial and legal issues.

Kay is married to Frank J. Kay and is mother to Phillip J Kay.